When you get started with the Deal module in Teamleader, you'll automatically have a standard deal funnel as illustrated below. Here you will find out how you can add, edit, reorder or delete deal phases.


  • The deal steps are basically the steps that are taken before a potential customer converts into a client. Make sure you agree on these steps internally first before you add, edit or delete deal phases, as there can only be one funnel for your entire Teamleader account.
  • Do you sometimes have three to four meetings with a client before moving on to the next step in the process? Then we advise you to not create a deal phase for each meeting, as this can cause you to lose oversight. You can easily create several meetings in the same deal phase. The funnel should be used to maintain an overarching overview of steps to be taken.
  • Note that not every deal has to go through all phases, you can also choose to skip certain phases if a deal is closed sooner than expected.

Adding a deal phase

  1. "Settings" > "Deals" > "Deal phases"
  2. Click on "+" sign
  3. Fill in a name and how soon deals in this phase will require action. The latter will influence the deal colours under deal activity, and helps you follow up on active deals. Click the link for more information.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. The deal phase will be added above/before the phase "Quotation sent".

Editing a deal phase

  1. "Settings" > "Deals" > "Deal phases"
  2. Click on the pencil next to the deal phase you would like to edit
  3. Edit the name or the amount of time before an action needs to be taken for this phase.
  4. Click "Save".

Reordering deal phases

  1. "Settings" > "Deals" > "Deal phases"
  2. Click on the arrow buttons under "Actions" to move the phases

Deleting a deal phase

  1. "Settings" > "Deals" > "Deal phases"
  2. Click on the bin next to the deal phase you would like to delete

Note: The phases "Accepted" and "Refused" stand for "Won" and "Lost". This means: you can edit their names, but they will still stand for "Won" and "Lost". Those phases cannot be deleted.

Deal overviews

You will be able to consult your deal phases in a list and a pipeline overview:

  • List
  • Pipeline